First Time DUI

Challenging a First Time DUI in Colorado Springs

If you’re facing first-time DUI charges in Colorado Springs then you must speak to a DUI attorney in Colorado Springs immediately.  A DUI conviction can cost you your freedom, thousands of dollars, your hard-earned reputation and more.

Have You Been Arrested for a First Time DUI?

All it takes is one.

One night out; one more drink to put you over the legal limit; one moment of bad judgment that puts you behind the wheel and winds up with you being charged with a Colorado DUI.

In Colorado, first-time DUI charges are taken very seriously. Many people are under the mistaken impression that the consequences of a first-time DUI are not all that bad. While the penalties for a second or subsequent DUI are indeed harsher, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can treat first-time DUI charges like a speeding ticket or other moving violation.

If you are facing first-time Colorado Springs DUI charges, you need to retain an experienced DUI defense attorney as quickly as possible to protect your rights and keep the fallout from causing major disruptions to your life.

Penalties for a First Time DUI in Colorado

A first-offense Colorado DUI conviction can result in a number of criminal and civil penalties, including:

  • A mandatory minimum of five days in jail with the possibility of spending up to a year behind bars, though jail time can usually be avoided with the completion of alcohol treatment, community service, and payment of fines;
  • Fines of up to $1,000 plus hundreds of dollars in additional administrative, court and, treatment program costs;
  • Between 48-96 hours of community service;
  • A mandatory three-month suspension of your driver’s license;
  • 12 points on your driving record

The penalties are stiffer for a first-time DUI if your blood alcohol content is .20% or higher. If someone is injured or killed, be prepared for consequences that reflect the seriousness of such an outcome.

Even if you don’t spend a moment in jail, you will live with the impact of a first-time Colorado DUI conviction for a long time in the form of diminished employment or educational opportunities, higher insurance premiums, and a stained reputation. Additionally, a first-time DUI conviction gives you a criminal record. Unlike some other criminal convictions, a conviction for DUI in Colorado Springs stays on your record forever and cannot be expunged.

Don’t Face First-Time DUI Charges Alone

You don’t have to – and shouldn’t – face this difficult ordeal alone. You need a Colorado Springs DUI attorney experienced in DUI defense to protect your rights and fight the charges that could ruin your life. And you need one today.

I can help.

I’m Colorado Springs DUI attorney James Newby. I know how scary it can be to face DUI charges, especially for the first time. I also know how to successfully fight those charges. Taking an aggressive and thorough approach, I use the experience and insight that comes from having prosecuted DUI/DWAI cases for the Colorado Springs District Attorney’s Office to give my clients a strategic advantage.

I’ve prosecuted and subsequently defended hundreds of Colorado DUI cases. I know how to win, but I also know that sometimes a better resolution can be achieved through negotiations with prosecutors that result in lesser charges or fewer consequences. Whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table, you can be assured that I will develop the best possible strategy tailored to the specific circumstances of your first-time DUI.


Don’t Let a DUI Ruin Your Life 

Unless you are willing to accept the maximum DUI penalties, it is in your best interests to hire a qualified DUI attorney in Colorado Springs to assist you with your DUI defense options.

I know from being on both sides of DUI cases that no matter how grim a situation may look, no matter how much it may seem that prosecutors have you dead to rights, there are almost always ways to fight the charges.

A local DUI attorney in Colorado Springs knows how to challenge your DUI charges, including the pursuit of case dismissal, plea bargain negotiations, and trying the case in court.

The smartest thing you can do right now is speak to a criminal defense lawyer in Colorado Springs. The call and initial consultation are free so you have nothing to lose.  Schedule the call now.