Experience Matters When Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney in Colorado Springs

by | Jul 25, 2015 | Criminal Defense

One of the aspects of being a criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs is dealing with a large number of criminal cases, with various sets of facts and circumstances.  Each criminal charge, whether DUI, DWAI, assault, harassment, domestic violence, or theft is unique.  The facts of a criminal case and the history of the individuals involved will help determine the negotiations and outcome of the case.

Know What An Outcome Is Likely To Be

The advantage of having dealt with numerous cases is that an experienced criminal defense lawyer will have an idea, based on the facts and circumstances, what the outcome of the case is likely to be. Often the district attorney involved will read the facts of the case and have an emotional reaction to the behavior of the person charged. That emotional reaction will lead the District attorney to make an offer which is not usual or too harsh. A good criminal defense attorney will know that based on the facts, the offer is not appropriate and that the Judge is not likely to sentence the defendant to any worse.

A Great Example

Let me give an example. A client of mine was charged with resisting arrest. She was a middle-aged person with no criminal history. She had never been in trouble with the law before.  Regardless of her lack of trouble with the law, the District Attorney took a hard stance and wanted her to plead guilty and serve a period of probation.

Having dealt with numerous cases similar to my client’s case, I knew that she should be given a deferred sentence rather than probation. However, the District Attorney would not make that offer. We set the case for trial and eventually, the DA relented and gave the appropriate offer. If I had not been involved, my client may have just taken the original offer assuming it was a good deal because she did not have to serve any additional jail. However, someone with experience would know that a better deal is appropriate. I was able to guide my client through the process and ensure a good outcome for her.


Randolf Sartagoda

Randolf Sartagoda