Do I Really Need To Hire a Traffic Attorney?

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Traffic Defense

The “Easy Way Out” of a Traffic Ticket Can Be Anything But

Many, if not most, drivers who receive a traffic citation don’t think the matter is serious enough to hire a traffic attorney. After all, most Colorado Springs traffic tickets can find resolution without a court appearance by paying the ticket by mail, online, or in person. Paying the fine and moving on with your life can be tempting. But paying up also means admitting guilt, just as if you were standing in Colorado Springs Municipal Court doing so before a judge. As with a guilty plea in any criminal case, you should understand and consider the consequences of taking the “easy way out” before you choose that course of action. Once you reflect on what accepting guilt can mean, you may conclude that your best choice is to hire a traffic attorney.

Far from being just a minor expense and inconvenience, a traffic ticket in Colorado Springs can cause significant problems – not only hefty fines but also a big jump in your car insurance premiums, loss of your driving privileges, and, in some cases, even jail time.

Paying Now Can Also Mean Paying More Later

Traffic violations in Colorado go on your driving record. Each time you receive a ticket, “points” will accumulate on your record. These points can add up fast and result in license suspension.

The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your driver’s license for up to one year if you reach:

  • Twelve points or more within one year.
  • Eighteen points or more within two years.

Some of the most frequently cited traffic violations, such as running a stop sign or red light, speeding (10 to 19 mph over the limit), lacking proof of insurance, or failing to yield the right of way (especially to a pedestrian), will add four points to your record. But some violations, like leaving the scene of an accident, DWI, or speeding 40 mph or more over the speed limit, will add 12 points to your record in the snap of your fingers.

hire a traffic attorney may be less expensive than you think

No matter how many points it puts on your record, pleading guilty to a traffic violation brings you that much closer to a license suspension the next time police pull you over. And even one traffic violation is enough for your car insurance company to decide to raise your premium. Get enough tickets, and you may find that you cannot obtain insurance.

Avoiding these consequences is why fighting your ticket with the help of a traffic attorney is likely the right call. Here are four more reasons to hire a traffic attorney:

Your Best Chance of Beating the Ticket

Trying to defend yourself in court without the assistance of a lawyer is always risky and rarely the smart move. Few people can navigate the nuances and complexities of the legal system on their own, and judges don’t have much sympathy for defendants who waste their time because they don’t know what they’re doing. An experienced traffic attorney, on the other hand, understands Colorado State and local Colorado Springs traffic laws and the approaches most likely to lead to a positive outcome.

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Providing You With Peace of Mind

Not knowing how to defend yourself in court is nerve-wracking enough. But not knowing what will happen to you, your license, and your bank account if you lose your case increases that anxiety.

When you hire a traffic attorney, they can take all that worry off your shoulders. All these unknowns become much less stressful.

The Cost of a Lawyer May Be Less Costly Than The Ticket

When you try to represent yourself in traffic court, you have a much greater chance of losing and paying a substantial fine and higher premiums. That is why the cost of hiring an attorney can be far less than you could be on the hook for if you tried to handle the case yourself.

Ignoring a Traffic Ticket Won’t Make It Disappear

After the frustration and annoyance of getting a traffic ticket, your first inclination may be to put it out of your mind. Maybe you angrily shoved it in the glove compartment or your junk drawer at home, out of the way and quickly forgotten. Doing so won’t make things better and won’t make your ticket disappear.

Failing to respond to or pay a traffic ticket may lead to additional fines, the suspension of your driving privileges, and potentially even a warrant for your arrest. Whether you decide to hire a traffic attorney or not, do not ignore your ticket.

Need To Hire a Traffic Attorney in Colorado Springs?

If you value your time, money, and driving privileges, the answer to the question of if you need a traffic attorney is a resounding YES. Specifically, you need to hire a Colorado Springs traffic lawyer with the knowledge and tenacity to take your ticket seriously.

Schedule your free consultation with an experienced traffic lawyer today.

James Newby

James Newby

James Newby is a criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs and the managing attorney of the criminal justice law firm James Newby Law. James got into law because of a deep-rooted passion for helping good people that may have made a poor choice that could have lasting consequences.