Great Reasons To Hire a Juvenile Criminal Law Attorney

by | May 29, 2013 | Juvenile Defense

Great Reasons To Hire a Juvenile Criminal Law Attorney

If you have a child in trouble with the law in Colorado Springs, it may be tempting to use a public defender in order to avoid the expense of a specialized attorney, but this isn’t always a good idea.

With inadequate defense, a minor could find himself facing serious consequences for a seemingly insignificant crime; these consequences could even lead to incarceration in a juvenile detention center.

A juvenile criminal lawyer will be your child’s best advocate. He will learn everything there is to know about your child, including the child’s home and school life. An experienced attorney will then use this information to relay to the judge, probation officer, and district attorney, giving them a good feel for exactly the type of minor they are dealing with. This often allows these people to see your child as someone who has done more than just break the law.

It is not unusual for minor children who are in trouble with the law to be removed from their homes and placed in a juvenile detention center. A specialized attorney will push for the child to receive rehabilitation rather than incarceration. This attorney may also be able to ensure the child is allowed to go home rather than remain detained through the duration of the hearing.

Hiring a defense attorney who has little experience with juveniles could carry numerous ramifications. Here are some of the risks:

Parents may have to pay for the incarceration of their child at a juvenile detention hall. The minor will find his offense on his permanent record. Inexperienced negotiating may result in the minor getting incarcerated. After release the minor may have to change school districts, since not all allow those with a record to attend school.

When you hire an experienced juvenile criminal attorney in Colorado Springs, you greatly reduce the risk of these things happening. A specialized juvenile attorney has the know-how to fight for your child and can often secure solutions that are much more lucrative than incarceration, such as placement in rehabilitation programs, mandatory school attendance, court-imposed curfews, or payment of restitution to victims. These options are all better than seeing your child being removed from your home, and they are all possible with the help of a specialized attorney.

Hiring a Juvenile Criminal Law Attorney in Colorado Springs

The rates for juvenile criminal lawyers will vary, but you can expect to pay much more if it is for a matter than must be tried in front of a judge. Make sure to ask around, get as many recommendations as possible, and ask all about fees before getting the most experienced lawyer you can afford. Before meeting with your juvenile criminal lawyer for the first time, you should prepare documents such as the child’s birth certificate, report cards, employment documentation, special awards, proof of church involvement, and the like. The courts should also know if there are any serious health concerns that would be worsened by incarceration.

All of this information will help the attorney get to better know your child, and will help him in his quest to accurately and successfully defend your child.

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