Finding The Best Criminal Attorney Near Me In Colorado Springs

Jan 11, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Your Best Chance At A Good Outcome Requires The Best Criminal Defense Attorney

If police arrest you and prosecutors charge you with a crime in Colorado Springs, finding the right local criminal attorney to defend your case may be the only thing that stands between you and a conviction.

You likely have never needed a criminal defense attorney before. Now, however, you need to find one – and fast. The sooner you hire a criminal defense lawyer, the better your chances will be for a positive outcome. But with so many lawyers in Colorado Springs, how do you find the best criminal attorney near you? What characteristics should you look for, and how should you go about the process?

As you begin your search, here are some tips for selecting the best criminal attorney near you.

Look For Experience

Law school teaches attorneys a lot about the law. But there is much more to being an effective criminal defense lawyer than what you can learn in books and classrooms. The practice of criminal law in Colorado Springs requires the irreplaceable quality of experience.

The criminal court system in Colorado Springs is complicated. Every El Paso or Teller County judge is different, and every courthouse or courtroom may have its own way of doing things. Often, understanding the unwritten rules of criminal defense in the Colorado Springs area is just as important as knowing the law. That is something only experience in El Paso and Teller Counties can provide.

Make sure that the criminal defense lawyer you choose has a solid track record defending clients in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas in cases like yours. Even better, look for a criminal attorney who was previously a prosecutor as they may have significant insights that can help them craft the best strategy for your case.

Look For Commitment

Criminal defense is different from every other area of the law. Few lawyers will tell you that they had a calling to be a corporate lawyer or a securities lawyer. But the best criminal defense attorneys chose to do what they do because they are passionate about protecting the rights of those accused of crimes. They are committed to the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and are dedicated to doing everything in their power to protect their clients. If the defense lawyer you meet with doesn’t appear to appreciate how much is at stake for you or seems to treat you more like a file than a person, look elsewhere.

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Look For Tenacity

When prosecutors charge you with a crime, the full force of the criminal justice system is aligned against you. Colorado Springs prosecutors will aggressively seek to obtain your conviction. You need a defense lawyer who can match those efforts with tenacity and a relentless work ethic. Your criminal lawyer needs to be fearless and unintimidated. The best defense is often a good offense, and a good defense lawyer knows that they often need to go on the attack – against prosecutors, evidence, or witnesses – to truly protect their client.

How To Do Your Research About Criminal Attorneys Near You

Start your criminal attorney search by asking your friends and your network for referrals. If possible, try to speak with someone who faced charges similar to yours and had a positive experience with their attorney.

If you get some names, do some online research about them. Look at the attorneys’ websites to learn about their experience, credentials, and general approach, especially with cases like yours. Check out other websites for any reviews or client testimonials, as you’ll only see glowing reviews on an attorney’s own site. Google, Yelp, and other review websites are a good place to start.

Then, pick up the phone and arrange a free consultation with two or three lawyers who seem to fit the bill for you.

Ask Good Questions

When you first speak with a criminal attorney to discuss your case, consider asking some or all of these questions:

  • How long have you practiced criminal defense law in Colorado?
  • Do you only handle criminal cases or do you practice in other areas of the law?
  • How many cases like mine have you handled? How many are you handling now?
  • What is your track record defending against the charges I face?
  • Will you be personally handling my defense or will some other lawyer in your office work on it?
  • How much will my defense cost and do you offer any payment plans?

Finding An Aggressive Colorado Springs Criminal Lawyer Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

If you are looking for an aggressive and committed Colorado Springs criminal lawyer who will stand by you and stand up for you every step of the way, your search can stop here. The seasoned criminal defense lawyers at James Newby use the experience and insight obtained as former prosecutors to protect the rights of individuals facing criminal charges in and around Colorado Springs.