Drugs DUI – Case Dismissed

Colorado Springs drug DUI lawyer James Newby describes a successful drug DUI defense case in Colorado Springs.

Marijuana DUI in Colorado Springs

In a recent DUI case in Colorado Springs, my client was accused of driving under the influence (DUI) of marijuana, a marijuana DUI.

Not impaired, but charged.

He had parked in Manitou Springs before embarking on an evening with his wife. As he exited his vehicle, a police officer near his vehicle saw him and approached his vehicle on foot. With wild accusations of being impaired by marijuana, the Officer began to investigate for a DUI. My client gave no indication that he was impaired by marijuana even in the slightest degree. He did not stumble, slur his speech, or given any indication whatsoever.

Despite the clear evidence that he was not impaired, the Officer performed tests to see if he was intoxicated. After performing the tests, the Officer declared that he had exhibited certain clues which made it clear he was impaired. The problem with the Officers assessment was that studies show that marijuana does not cause the indicators my client was supposedly exhibiting.

District Attorney dismissed the case!

My client immediately sought legal counsel and we went to Court to sort it out with the District Attorney. After showing the studies to the Deputy District Attorney and refusing to plead guilty, the case was ultimately dismissed. The Deputy District Attorney agreed that the Officer went outside of the bounds of the law by requiring my client to complete field sobriety tests.

Ultimately, my client was vindicated and justice was done. Unfortunately, he had to go through the stress of the system. Gratefully, we received the result he wanted in the end. 

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