What Happens If I Refuse a Breathalyzer Test in Colorado Springs?

May 27, 2019 | DUI Defense

Drivers pulled over for DUI in Colorado Springs often consider the option to refuse a breathalyzer test. This post explains the one key fact you need to know.

Colorado Springs drivers: did you know you have the right to refuse a breathalyzer test?

Quick quiz, answer the following:

  1. True/False – You can refuse to take a breathalyzer or other blood, breath, or chemical test if you’ve been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI) in Colorado Springs.
  2. True/False – You have no right to refuse a breathalyzer or other blood, breath, or chemical test if you’ve been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI) in Colorado.

Is that clear?

Those two seemingly contradictory sentences are both true. Let me explain.

Express Consent

how a good dui attorney can challenge breathalyzer and other test resultsYou may not know it, but you have already given your consent to submit to a breathalyzer test if you’re arrested for DUI or DWAI. Like many other states, Colorado has an “express consent” law. This means that by getting behind the wheel and driving on a road or highway in the state of Colorado, you have consented to blood, breath or chemical testing if you have been validly arrested for suspicion of DUI or DWAI.

A valid arrest is one where the officer had probable cause to believe you were driving under the influence because of how you were driving, what you said, and how he or she believes you performed in any field sobriety test (FST).

No Express Consent to Pre-Arrest Testing

But that express consent you didn’t know you gave to post-arrest testing does not include consent to any pre-arrest testing – including a breathalyzer test – during the traffic stop prior to arrest if you are over 21-years old.

Did you get that?  The key is pre-arrest vs post-arrest.

Note that if you are under 21, you must submit to a pre-arrest breath test if the officer reasonably suspects that they have consumed any alcohol.

Otherwise, you are well within your rights to refuse to any field sobriety test including a breathalyzer test prior to your arrest without any penalties or consequences for refusing to do so.

The results of any FST, as well as your refusal to consent to such testing, cannot be used as evidence against you in court.

What Happens If You Refuse a Breathalyzer Test Post-Arrest

Refusing (or revoking your consent to) post-arrest blood, breath, or chemical test in Colorado Springs, however, comes with some serious consequences, including:

  • Automatic suspension of your Colorado driver’s license for one year (though you can apply for a reinstatement of driving privileges after two months).
  • Designation as a Colorado “persistent drunk driver,” even if it is your first DUI arrest.
  • Participation in mandatory Colorado Springs DUI classes and treatment programs.
  • An ignition interlock device on your vehicle for at least one year following the restoration of driving privileges, and
  • Carrying SR-22 insurance even if you are found not guilty of DUI.

Additionally, your refusal to submit to post-arrest testing can be used against you at trial as evidence of your guilt.

Of course, if you do submit to a breathalyzer test and the results show that your BAC was over the applicable legal limit, the breathalyzer test results can be used against you.

So, you can refuse a breathalyzer test or other chemical testing after your arrest, but since you have no legal right to do so, you will suffer the aforementioned penalties for that refusal.

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