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There's nothing quite like the drop in your stomach when you see those flashing red and blue lights behind your car. Was I speeding? Where is my registrat...

There's nothing quite like the drop in your stomach when you see those flashing red and blue lights behind your car. Was I speeding? Where is my registration? Did I remember to use my blinker? All of these thoughts rush through your mind. Traffic tickets come in all forms from simple speeding tickets to serious reckless driving charges. The long-lasting implications of these tickets affect both your license and your insurance rates. When you can, you should fight your speeding ticket. It can save you money in the long run.

Received a speeding ticket? Experienced Colorado Springs traffic attorney explains how police catch speeders, and whether you should fight the ticket.

If you are one of the many drivers who receive traffic tickets every day, read why should you meet with a Colorado Springs traffic lawyer and what to expect.

Have you received a traffic ticket in Colorado? Are you wondering, "Can I get points off my license?" Local Traffic Attorney James Newby has the answer.

You lead a busy and hectic life, as most of us do. This involves spending a lot of time driving – to work, dropping the kids off at school, running errands, or taking care of 50 other things on your to-do list. Sometimes, when you’re in a hurry or your mind is thinking about something other than the speed limit sign you just passed, you’ll find yourself cruising down the road well above that speed limit. You may even do that on a fairly regular basis. But one day, those dreaded flashing lights may appear in your rearview mirror, ruining your day and leaving you with a costly Colorado Springs speeding ticket. In fact, you could just as easily wind up wrongfully ticketed for speeding while driving under the posted speed limit.

If you’re like most of us here in Colorado Springs, you spend a lot of time behind the wheel. You probably drive almost every single day to work, school, the grocery store, the mountains. When you spend that much time on the road, even if you’re the safest driver you know, the odds are pretty good that you will get a traffic ticket at some point. When that officer gives you your license back along with your new traffic citation, you have choices to make on how you deal with that ticket. 

To make the right decision, you need to understand how a traffic ticket can affect you. In the grand scheme of things, a traffic violation may not seem like all that big a deal. The reality, however, is that a ticket can cost you a great deal - hefty fines, a big jump in your car insurance premiums, and in some cases, loss of your driving privileges and even jail time.

One of the most common citations issued by law enforcement is speeding and driving violations.

On any given day in Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities, I would not be surprised if law enforcement issues hundreds of driving citations.

The charges range from simply speeding, careless driving, reckless driving, driving under restraint, no proof of insurance and no registration. More serious and gratefully less common are driving cases such as DWAI, DUI, vehicular assault, and vehicular homicide. The consequences of violating the law range from a small fine and no points, to massive fines, supervised probation, and even large amounts of prison time.

My client was driving with her child in the car when a man cut her off. He began driving erratically and road raging. Clearly he was angry at my client. She was afraid for her life and what he would do to her. He slammed on his brakes.

A moment before she had been driving, running errands. In a moment, she felt her life, and the life of her child, was in danger. How was she going to diffuse the situation?

A moment later, she saw a semi truck ahead. She saw her opportunity. She stepped on the gas and quickly accelerated and passed the semi-truck. She then changed lanes and put on her brakes hiding behind it. It worked, she had escaped from the man who seemed to want to hurt her. However, the drama was far from over...

Is hiring a Colorado Springs traffic ticket attorney worth the expense?  If you get a traffic ticket, you are likely nervous about what could happen and for good reason – things could get very costly.  Let's explore five reasons why you might be better off working with an attorney versus going it alone in Colorado Springs traffic court. 

Traffic violations are some of the most common types of criminal offenses, and sometimes a good criminal defense attorney can help you minimize the damage to your driving record.

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