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DUIs in Colorado automatically come with very harsh penalties including heavy fines, an interlock, and more. Call experienced DUI attorney James Newby for a Free consultation at (719) 578-3322.

DUIs in Colorado automatically come with very harsh penalties including heavy fines, an interlock, and more. Not to mention that a DUI can affect parts of your life you had never considered before. Read the blogs below to understand the implications of a DUI charge and call James to help lessen or dismiss your Colorado Springs DUI charge today. Call James for a Free consultation at (719) 578-3322.

There is no getting around it: a conviction for DUI in Colorado is a bad thing. Anyone who tells you otherwise - whether it be your next-door neighbor or a criminal defense attorney – is not being straight with you. If you’ve been charged with a Colorado Springs DUI, you will want to do everything possible to avoid a conviction, starting with hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney who can aggressively fight the charges or work with prosecutors to minimize the consequences or penalties.
But how “bad” your DUI is in terms of its ongoing impact on your life depends on a lot of factors. Your DUI can wind up being a footnote in the story of your life or a whole chapter.

You’ve worked hard to build a life for yourself and your family here in Colorado after immigrating to the United States. You know how challenging the immigration process is and how confusing immigration law can be. But you’ve followed the rules, obtained your coveted green card, and your future here looks bright. You may even be on the verge of becoming a U.S. citizen.

And then you get charged with DUI. Now, everything hangs in the balance.

A Colorado Springs DUI conviction can have wide-ranging and profound impacts on your immigration status, including your ability to become a naturalized citizen as well as the risk of deportation.

If you’re a non-citizen residing in or around Colorado Springs, you face all of the same consequences of a DUI conviction that US citizens do: jail time, hefty fines, loss of driving privileges and more.

There’s a lot at stake if you’ve been charged with a Colorado Springs DUI. Even for a first time DUI conviction, the consequences could include substantial time behind bars.

Your freedom is not the only thing you can lose if you’re convicted for DUI, however. You can lose your hard-earned reputation. You can lose your job and lose out on future employment opportunities. You can lose your ability to obtain loans, financial assistance, education, and housing.

You can, of course, also lose your driver’s license for an extended period of time.

But the right to drive is just one of many rights we can take for granted, and is one of the many legal rights and privileges that can be taken away from you once you have a criminal record that includes a Colorado DUI. These rights include your right to carry a firearm.

Colorado law allows individuals to apply for and obtain a permit for the concealed carry of firearms. Even though the right to concealed carry in our state is very broad, your application will likely be denied and your permit could be revoked upon more than one DUI conviction. 

You blew it. You were pulled over, given a field sobriety test, and then blew above the legal limit for alcohol on a breath test administered by the officer.

You failed. You were arrested for DUI and taken to the police station where they took a blood test that confirmed the results of the breath test and showed that the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream exceeded .08.

You’re out of luck. With those test results in hand showing that you were driving while intoxicated, Colorado Springs prosecutors have all they need to convict you for DUI and there’s nothing you can do about it.

That is just not true.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a Colorado Springs DUI, you have rights. You have defenses. You have the ability to challenge the legality of your traffic stop, the constitutionality of your arrest, the validity of the test results, and admissibility of other evidence that form the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case against you.

But it can be complicated. Challenging DUI evidence and getting DUI evidence dismissed requires a thorough knowledge of the law as well as a deep understanding of the science behind the breath, blood, and other testing used by law enforcement to prosecute DUI cases.

At this wonderful time of year, there are always reasons to celebrate. Regardless of your faith, it is a time of year when family and friends are important. For many, these gatherings involve alcohol.

If you drink during the holidays, there are many things to remember and some advanced planning can save you both regret and money. Please allow me to give you some advice when it comes to alcohol and the holiday season (or for that matter any season).

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