Keeping DUI Evidence Out of Court Can Keep You Out of Jail

Police Can Make Mistakes That Can Make DUI Evidence Inadmissible That is why it is so important to retain an experienced and skilled Colorado Springs DUI defe...
Friday, 26 February 2016

Police Can Make Mistakes That Can Make DUI Evidence Inadmissible

That is why it is so important to retain an experienced and skilled Colorado Springs DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible after a DUI arrest. If the police or prosecutors violated your constitutional rights, failed to follow proper procedures, or otherwise broke the rules, your DUI defense lawyer may be able to suppress DUI evidence they intend to use against you.

Quite simply, it is hard for prosecutors to obtain a conviction for DUI without evidence they can use in court.

From the second those flashing lights appear in your rearview mirror, the police have ample opportunity to make mistakes that can undermine their case against you. Any one of these mistakes can be the key to your defense – if your attorney has the tenacity and skill to expose them.

The challenges to the DUI evidence against you can be based on any of the following:

The legality of the stop

Police officers must have a lawful reason to pull you over. If that lawful reason is a simple traffic violation, that doesn’t mean that they can start asking you about or testing you for suspicion of driving under the influence. They must have a probable cause for the stop or a reasonable suspicion that you are impaired. An improper stop can be the domino that knocks the whole case down.

Bad testing

Breathalyzers and other devices used to test for blood alcohol content are notoriously unreliable. Evidence that is unreliable can be suppressed. Improper maintenance and calibration of the device, administering the test improperly, and external factors can all taint the reliability and accuracy of the test results. Your DUI defense attorney can attack the admissibility of test evidence by calling into question:

  • The timing of the test
  • The qualifications and training of the test administrator
  • The maintenance, calibration, and testing of the equipment used
  • The procedures followed
  • Skin preparation
  • Incorrect mixing of testing chemicals
  • Contamination of the device or test samples
  • Independent biological factors that may impact blood alcohol readings such as existing “mouth alcohol,” acid reflux, diet, and breathing patterns.

Failure to advise you of your Miranda rights

If you’ve been arrested for DUI and the police are conducting a "custodial interrogation" (asking you questions designed to solicit incriminating responses), they must advise you of your constitutional rights beforehand. If the officer doesn’t advise you of your Miranda rights, any incriminating statements you make in the absence of such notice may be deemed inadmissible as evidence.

James Newby Law, LLC: Aggressive Colorado Springs DUI Defense Attorney

These are just a few ways an aggressive Colorado Springs DUI attorney can challenge the evidence against you. At James Newby Law, LLC in Colorado Springs, we use the experience and insight gained from being a former DUI prosecutor on behalf of individuals facing the ordeal of DUI charges. We attack the prosecution’s case at every turn, looking for every possible weakness to put our clients in the best position to obtain favorable outcomes.

No matter how grim things may look to you, there is always hope. Contact us today to arrange for your free, confidential DUI consultation.

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