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DUI defense essentials and actionable tips from Colorado Springs DUI defense lawyer James Newby.

DUIs in Colorado automatically come with very harsh penalties including heavy fines, an interlock, and more. Not to mention that a DUI can affect parts of your life you had never considered before. Read the blogs below to understand the implications of a DUI charge and call James to help lessen or dismiss your Colorado Springs DUI charge today. 

If you want to keep your license after a DUI arrest, time is not on your side. Learn how your DUI attorney can help you avoid license suspension after a DUI.

Recently arrested for DUI in El Paso County? You know that Colorado law takes these charges seriously. Learn from our experience as former DUI prosecutors.

Whoever said that persistence is the key to success never faced the label of a persistent drunk driver. Why should you avoid this on your Colorado record?

Have you been charged with a DUI in Colorado? Chances are you will end up with an interlock restricted license. What does that mean and how long will it last?

When what happens in Vegas does not STAY in Vegas, you need to know how Colorado treats a DUI in another state and what it means for you.

Have you been charged with a 2nd DUI in Colorado? You can expect harsher consequences. Learn what the penalties are and why you need a DUI defense attorney.

Colorado takes DUI charges seriously, and so should you. Under what circumstances is your DUI a felony in Colorado? What penalties do you face if convicted?

Facing DUI charges in Colorado? Prosecutors may offer a plea bargain to a lesser wet reckless charge. What does that mean? And who is eligible for this plea?

Can you get a DUI off your record? The answer lies in the difference between an arrest and a conviction, and having an experienced attorney to guide your way.

Charged with a first time DUI in Colorado Springs? Colorado courts and prosecutors take this offense seriously, and so should you. What penalties do you face?

If you are charged with a DUI in Colorado Springs, you need answers, fast.  This month, we answer the top DUI lawyer questions we are asked every day.

If you're arrested for DUI with a BAC over .08, there is hope. There are defenses against breathalyzer evidence that great lawyers like James Newby can raise.

As soon as you are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, your mind starts to race, wondering if you can get out of a DUI. Is it possible?

If you're looking to hire a DUI attorney make sure to have the most success in your case by avoiding these five critical mistakes.

Arrested for DUI in Colorado Springs? Wondering if you really need a DUI attorney? Do you want to keep your license and keep driving? Click to learn the reasons you need a DUI attorney.

A DUI conviction can create serious challenges when it comes to employment. Read more to find how your DUI affects employment opportunities in Colorado. 

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a Colorado Springs DUI, you have rights. You have defenses. You can challenge the legality of your traffic stop, the constitutionality of your arrest, the validity of the test results, and the admissibility of other DUI evidence that form the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case against you.

Drivers pulled over for DUI in Colorado Springs often consider the option to refuse a breathalyzer test. This post explains the one key fact you need to know.

If you face DUI charges, you may wonder how much will a Colorado Springs DUI lawyer cost you? An important question, but attorney’s fees are only part of the price you will pay for your DUI conviction. Keep reading to learn more about the full potential costs of a DUI.

Will you still be able to get or keep a concealed carry permit with a DUI in Colorado Springs? DUI defense attorney James Newby explains what you need to know. 

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