How Does Your DUI Affect Employment Opportunities?

Aug 5, 2019 | DUI Defense

A DUI conviction can create serious challenges when it comes to employment. Read more to find how your DUI affects employment opportunities in Colorado.

Here’s the harsh reality: a DUI affects employment deeply and can create serious challenges when it comes to job stability. Of the many things that go through folk’s minds after being arrested, charged, or convicted for a Colorado Springs DUI, worries about the impact it will have on their job, career, and future employment prospects are among the biggest. A DUI charge is a stain on your record that can get you fired, can keep specific jobs out of reach, or increase the chances that your resume will wind up in the trash.

You Can Legally Be Fired or Not Considered for a Job Because of a DUI

The fundamental reason that a DUI can cause such employment headaches is that it gives you a criminal record. That record is public, and since most employers conduct criminal background checks as part of the hiring process, they will know about your DUI conviction, especially if it was during the previous ten years.

Some Colorado employers won’t even get to the point of doing a background check because of a DUI conviction. If a candidate has ever been convicted of a crime, many employment applications ask the candidate to provide details about the conviction. If you’ve been convicted of DUI and you put those three letters on that application, it can take you out of the running right then.

There is a growing movement to “ban the box” on job applications so employers can’t ask about criminal history. Such a law is currently working its way through Colorado’s legislature. But even if it passes, it won’t prohibit Colorado employers from conducting criminal background checks or prohibit employers from refusing to hire an applicant because of a DUI or other criminal conviction.

You can legally be fired or refused to be considered or hired for a job because of a DUI conviction. That doesn’t mean you will be; not every Colorado Springs employer will consider a DUI a disqualifying fact. But many employers will.

Your DUI affects employment in specific professions

Some jobs are off-limits to people with a DUI conviction on their record. So, how far can your DUI affect employment opportunities? A DUI can preclude you from obtaining a job that involves driving, transportation, or operating heavy machinery. Just like your auto insurance rates will go up after a DUI, employers’ rates will too (or they won’t be able to get insurance at all) if they hire someone with a DUI for a job that involves driving.

If you work in a profession that must be licensed by the state of Colorado, you will have to report your DUI conviction to the licensing body. Depending on the profession, your conviction could result in a suspension or revocation of your license to practice, regardless of what an employer may think.

If you have or are applying for a job that requires a federal security clearance, a Colorado Springs DUI conviction can result in that clearance being revoked or denied.

You May Have a Job, But How Will You Get to Work?

Even if you get a new job or keep your current one after a DUI conviction, you still may face challenges just getting to work in Colorado. Another way your DUI affects employment is the way you have to travel to work. Your driving privileges will likely be suspended or revoked for some time after an arrest, and a conviction can limit your ability to drive to work even more. While the law does allow for work-related exceptions that will enable you to get to and from your job while you have a suspended license, there is no guarantee you will earn that opportunity. If you can’t make alternate transportation arrangements, you may not be able to do your job.

Free Consultation with a DUI Defense Attorney

A Colorado Springs DUI conviction will have a massive impact on your career.  That is just one of many reasons you should hire an experienced and skilled Colorado Springs DUI defense attorney as soon as possible after being arrested. James Newby is a former El Paso County DA and an experienced and creative Colorado Springs assault attorney with proven defense results. Your attorney can fight the charges, work to keep the consequences to a minimum, and keep you on the job.

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