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Get your case dismissed. Call experienced criminal defense lawyer James Newby for a Free consultation for your Colorado Springs drug charge at (719) 578-3322.

Have you been convicted of possession of drugs? Even now legal drugs like marijuana can still result in a severe drug crime charge if you do not know the laws. Avoid a felony or misdemeanor drug charge. Get your case dismissed. Call James at for a free consultation for your Colorado Springs drug charge at (719) 578-3322.

Every year, more Coloradans die from accidental drug overdoses than they do from traffic accidents, and every this public health crisis continues to get worse. According to the Colorado Health Institute, the state’s rate of drug overdose deaths climbed 68 percent between 2002 and 2014 and is significantly higher than the national average. Over 900 Coloradans died from overdoses in 2014 alone.

These deaths are caused by “street” drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine as well as by prescription drugs, primarily opioid painkillers such as Oxycontin.

When people do overdose, they often can be saved with immediate medical attention. Statistics show that most ODs happen in the presence of other people who could theoretically call 911 or take the individual to an emergency room to get the help that could save their life. However, individuals who are overdosing and the folks around them often don’t seek medical help because they are afraid they will get charged with a drug crime if they do so. If you are ever charged with a drug crime, be sure to contact a drug defense attorney immediately.

No Colorado Springs parent wants to get a call from their child or from a police officer advising them that their child has been arrested and charged with drug possession. Whether an error in judgment or being in the wrong place at the wrong time led to that call, it is important that a minor facing criminal charges and his or her parents take immediate steps to minimize the damage that could be caused to the child’s future. Contacting a Colorado juvenile crimes defense attorney as soon as possible is a critical first step.

Alcohol is legal in Colorado, but as you know, driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) in Colorado is not.

The same goes for marijuana. While recreational pot is now legal in Colorado, driving under the influence of marijuana in Colorado is not and can be charged as a DUI. An arrest and conviction for driving with pot in your system can lead to the same penalties and consequences you’d face for drunk driving.

Medical Marijuana Card Defines Arrest

One of my clients came to me with a ticket for driving under the influence of marijuana (marijuana DUI). The difficult part for her was that she was not under the influence of anything. She was stopped for speeding and as soon as the Officer smelled marijuana and found out she had a medical marijuana card, it was all over. She cooperated and performed the road side tests as instructed, thinking that if she did what they ask the police would realize she was sober. However, that realization did not occur. She was arrested and her blood drawn. That blood draw would end up proving her innocence. When the result came back to her it showed that she was absolutely sober.

In Colorado, it is illegal for anyone under the age of twenty-one to possess or consume alcohol or marijuana. If you are charged with being a minor in possession or underage drinking, please contact a Colorado Springs Criminal defense lawyer, who knows the system and can walk you through the process. A conviction for underage drinking may follow you forever. It can affect your ability to get into school or find employment later in life.

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