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Wednesday, 07 October 2015

Marijuana DUI - Case Dismissed

Marijuana DUI in Colorado Springs

In a recent DUI case in Colorado Springs, my client was accused of driving under the influence (DUI) of marijuana, a marijuana DUI.

Colorado Springs Traffic Attorney

My choice to practice law as a Colorado Springs Criminal Defense lawyer has richly blessed my life. Whether I’m handling a DUI, an assault, or a felony, my experience is dynamic, challenging, and often filled with the satisfaction of helping people.

A recent case of mine demonstrates the need for a criminal defense lawyer when you are charged with a crime in Southern Colorado. My client was accused of driving under the influence (DUI). As a result of some choices when he was younger, the District Attorney was trying to punish him severely. He sought out my help and I got to work on his case.

When we hear the words domestic violence, we all think of the horrible acts of violence committed against both men and women by their significant others. The purpose of this article is not to justify such horrible acts, but rather to talk about things which people do, which are not acts of violence, yet still get lumped in with the phrase “domestic violence”.

A recent case of mine in Colorado may be instructive in reminding people why a criminal defense attorney is helpful when you are charged with a crime.

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