Avoid a DUI During the Holiday Season

Jan 4, 2024 | DUI Defense

At this wonderful time of year, there are always reasons to celebrate. Regardless of your faith, it is a time of year when family and friends are important. For many, these gatherings involve alcohol.

If you drink during the holidays, there are many things to remember and some advanced planning can save you both regret and money. Please allow me to give you some advice when it comes to alcohol and the holiday season (or for that matter any season).

Plan Ahead

The first piece of advice is to avoid driving a vehicle if you consume alcohol. I know it seems prudish, but I can not tell you how many clients I have who think they are safe to drive after consuming, in their minds, only a little alcohol. The safest way to avoid problems is to avoid driving if there has been any consumption of alcohol.

In order to best accomplish the goal to avoid driving, you need to plan in advance. Find a sober driver or make a plan ahead of time for another ride. If you don’t plan ahead of time, often you will find an excuse to drive.

Understand the Consequences

Police are on the lookout during this time of year for people leaving holiday parties while inebriated. Just this month alone, Colorado State Patrol reported nearly 600 DUI and drug-related arrests. Colorado law enforcement regularly amps up their “Heat is On” campaign around this time of year to remind drivers that if you drive drunk, you can expect to get arrested.

Please understand that, as a DUI defense attorney in Colorado Springs, I have seen the heartache that comes from making the choice to get behind the wheel. I have witnessed the tragedy of taking the life of another while intoxicated. Lives have been shattered and hearts broken by poor choices. Please don’t be one of those people. Do not drive while intoxicated.

Before you are charged with a DUI

If you find yourself in a situation where you are being investigated for driving under the influence, do not make statements. Exercise your right to remain silent. Wait to speak to an attorney before speaking to the police. It will help in the long run.